I wrote a piece with the Regarding Humanity team, asking if there are some atrocities which are simply "unhastagable."  You can find the piece on the Huffington Post here.

"Priya's Shakti" Receives a TFI New Media Fund Grant

The "Priya's Shakti" team is honored to have been awarded a Tribeca Film Institute New Media Grant. Read more about the Fund and the other amazing grantees here.

Boehm Media Fellowship at Opportunity Collaboration

I'm excited to have been named a Boehm Media Fellow at Opportunity Collaboration. More information about it is at this link.

StoryForward Podcast #49: Innovations in Storytelling and Community-Building

To anyone interested in innovations in storytelling / digital art / audience engagement / media, this is a really great listen (click on the heading below): 


I was privileged to be at the Forward Slash Story retreat -- at the invitation of Lance Weiler and Christy Dena-- which quite honestly is one of the best professional retreats I've ever attended. What made it even better was one, the fact that Steve Peters had the foresight to capture our weekend's discussions (among an amazing set of storytellers who are listed at the site) for public discussion. And two, there was an actual shared tangible outcome from the retreat. Listen through to the end to hear about our shared commitment to launch a festival to connect wider audiences to these new, exciting, emergent forms. Enjoy...

The "Who Is Dayani Cristal?" Website is Live

The new Who Is Dayani Cristal? website is now launched!

It's a pleasure to have worked with our social impact team --  Marc Silver, Sebastian Barrera, Tim Harbour -- our NGO partners, and the community on this.

The website aims to be a resource for our NGO partners and communities that resonates with them and is actionable in their own work, individually and collectively. Through layered storytelling from migrants, people in sending communities, and professionals working to change the system, we hope to engage audiences in a deeper understanding of the systemic issues migrants face and of the “pull/push” factors that make migration the only viable economic choice for many. The site provides a way to donate to our partner organizations, and the means for deeper engagement, advocacy, and education on the issues.

Explore it, take action, and please share it: www.whoisdayanicristal.com .

The Narrative Design Canvas

A few years ago, I took a master class in Toronto with Alex Osterwalder, the visionary author of Business Model Generation and creator of the the Business Model Canvas, to learn how to apply his canvas to organizational and project design. After the class, I spoke with Alex and with his permission, reimagined the canvas into one with fields particular to the use of social impact media for a campaign, project, or organizational program.

The result was the project model canvas for narrative design for social impact below. The canvas is a strategic planning tool that allows you to lay out on one page the internal considerations for the design of your narrative-based project for social impact.

True to Alex's spirit, my version of his canvas has been freely available to anyone who requested it, but under the demands of my task list, I had never gotten around to releasing it for direct download. Rectifying that oversight now, here it is below and also available at SlideShare.

You're free to Share and Remix the Canvas. This canvas and Alex's original are licensed as creative commons, so enjoy them for free and for whatever you like. For this canvas, just reference www.linasrivastava.com and businessmodelgeneration.com after each use. For Alex's, reference businesmodelgeneration.com only. And share your work for free for others under a similar license.

Please let me know how it works for you.